Corporation’s roots date back to 1946, when we first opened as a letterpress engraving company in Illinois. From there we developed and grew, branching out to meet the challenges of the communications industry by providing color separations, form stripping, plate-making, gravure cylinders and other prepress operations.

Through it all, has always kept an eye on the future, embracing the newest and latest technologies. By maximizing the most sophisticated digital imaging and Internet technologies, we can help you do more than just survive. We’ll help you thrive. With unswerving commitment. With great customer service. With the cutting edge of CrossMedia Communications.

Great customer service

At , we’ve discovered that the secret to great service is good communication. This means listening to our customers, and responding in a timely fashion. Not just when your project is handed over to us or delivered back to you, but every time you have a question.

Professional Project Management

That’s where our project managers come in. As your liaison, your project manager ensures that every detail of your job goes as planned, and that every project is completed to your total satisfaction.

Dedicated to Your Success

Our commitment to great customer service goes even further. As industry leaders, we take pride in our proactive approach to helping you achieve your overall goals. Which is why at , we’ve invested in a dedicated Research and Development Department so we can continually leverage current technology to make your job easier and your business more profitable.

Blackhawk History

The company known today as was chartered in 1991 as an independent business entity focused on digital imaging and prepress services. But our roots date back to 1946, when Blackhawk Engraving Company opened its doors as a letterpress engraving shop in Oregon, Illinois.

Another company, Progressive Graphics, was founded in 1972 as a trade composition firm serving the metropolitan Chicago market. Over the years that followed, Progressive grew very quickly – branching out into color separations, form stripping and, eventually, plate-making and gravure cylinders.

In 1976 Blackhawk Engraving and Progressive Graphics merged to form Combined Communication Services (CCS). Specializing in composition, camera work and film stripping, CCS remains one of the most respected prepress operations in the country. In 1977, CCS expanded its market by acquiring ProGraphics, a Clearwater, Florida-based color separation operation, and moved all of its electronic scanning and digital operations to that location.

As CCS grew, the company saw an opportunity in the web offset printing marketplace. Today CCS is made up of two operating divisions – prepress and web printing -- that cooperate to deliver quality products and superior service to a broad spectrum of customers. The Clearwater operation was divested and became Blackhawk Color Corporation.

Today we are known simply as , reflecting our focus on providing a broader range of digital imaging services at the cutting edge of CrossMedia Communications. Although we are no longer a division of CCS, the history of and our credibility have a great deal to do with Combined Communication Services.

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